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Hillary Clinton in India

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Badly spelled, with practically no analysis, but he may just be right.

6.Americans understand India better than they understand Pakistan and its jihadi hordes. Pakistanis understand the US better than Indians.

7.Hype and flattery will be the defining characteristics of her visit. Indian ego will remain tickled for some months.

But I’m glad she’s able to make the trip, even with feminist elbow and all (btw, check out her new ‘blinged sling’)


The day the music died

June 4, 2009 Leave a comment

A year ago today, Hope was lost.

A year later, Hillary wins

A year ago today, the final set of primaries made official the foregone conclusion that Barack Obama had won the primary, and Hillary Clinton lost it.

……[Today], on the central health care policy debate of the Democratic Primary — which was, to be fair, conducted within a fairly narrow frame — Obama appears to have conceded today to a Senate plan likely to more closely resemble Clinton’s.

In a dense, careful letter to Ted Kennedy and Max Baucus, Obama offered his principles for a health care plan and conceded on a central point: He is now open to an individual mandate, which he campaigned against, and which is now being talked about by Senators of both parties with the buzzword “shared responsibility.”

As ambivalent as I am about Government-supported healthcare, this is probably the only logical way forward for the US.

Hillary’s won in many, many other ways too, of course: the first one being that most recent polls show Clinton with a whopping job approval rating of 71% as Secretary of State, while the new President topped out at 65%. (link)

We need FDR, not JFK.

February 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Did you catch this:

To note, this fiery Mayor of Lansing, MI, Virgil Bernero, endorsed Hillary Clinton for President last year. Of course. And not only does he seem to be as much of a fighter as she is, he also has the facts, the numbers and the arguments all marshalled up and speaks them with heart, like she does – versus Mr.uhhhh.

I was thinking the other day that if all goes as it is right now, we may just be witnessing the death of Libertarian theory in the US, like the collapse of communism in the 1980’s. I’ve always been more a Hamiltonian, but this whole economic collapse moves me (as it apparently does everyone) leftward. I wouldn’t want govenment participating in production, like in India pre-1991, but I do think the situation warrants more controls, laws and regulations.

In other news, awesome concept, this, to use biogeographic theories associated with the distribution of life and extinction to identify the location of bin Laden.

Update 2/19: Apparently this Mayor’s daughter was head of the Students for Hillary at U of M in Ann Arbor. Yay to her too.

Moi aussie.

February 3, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s interesting to see how quickly and efficiently the Indian online community reacts to any incident affecting their freedom of expression, terrorism, free markets and/or porn. The speed and vehemence of reactions is impressive, and such situations tend to inspire a surprising amount of solidarity.

I know that while watching the coverage during the Mumbai terrorist attacks P was outraged at how openly all our news channels and websites were showing pictures of commandos silently rappelling down onto the Taj and taking cover in various corners. I know for myself, that when I first read the Kunte blog post (link to Google cache: scroll to the very end) via Desipundit, I – and, presumably, many others – were moved enough to edit Ms Dutt’s hagiographic Wikipedia entry to something more balanced and also cite Kunte’s post (not best practise on Wiki to quote a blog, but wev). What this whole incident, upto and including NDTV’s actions, should’ve led to was a debate on how exactly information is best communicated in times of crisis. On how you can and should balance freedom of expression with, on the one hand security, and on the other hand, privacy, concerns: the debate that should’ve taken place in the USA before George Bush Jr. signed on to the FISA amendment and before Barack Obama ratified it in July 2008 after promising to vehemently oppose it.

It would, of course, be more impactful if we actually had, y’know, a little more substance to our arguments. It would help if more blogs focused on solutions – on what the journalist in question and her media house should have done rather than on virtually disrobing her, using sexist, abusive language and right-wing attacks.

What helps, of course, is that once again, people in India are seeing how the MSM can effectively filter out information that they don’t find interesting. There’s apparently no mention of this controversy in most media outlets, and no surprise. What is happening there is exactly what happened here in the US after 9/11 and during the Iraq war vote, and during the presidential campaigns last year when first Clinton and then Palin were misquoted, their interviews edited, and outrage drummed up against their non-existent insults.

But looking at the way we’re going, I have no great hopes of a self-correcting blogosphere in India – it’s as biased and as much an echo chamber as anywhere. Tragic.

Women on women crime

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Yes, this is an old story. But funny how in every avataar, they pick a woman with credibility built on a bit of feminism to discredit another woman they don’t like. It’s never that they pick Phyllis Schafly to criticize Sarah Palin, they pick a Tina Fey, who made millions of people sit up and watch when she supported their nemesis, Hillary Clinton.

For me, the election’s coverage turned with Bitch is the new Black:

[Oh, if you can’t play the video, it’s because the clip no longer exists. Exactly like the Des Moines Register endorsement of Sen. Clinton over Sen. Obama was scrubbed: see what RD said here about the incident. You can’t find the Tina Fey clip online on google or YouTube, because NBC claimed copyright – and they didn’t for the opening segment of the same episode. And you can’t find the clip on the NBC site, because – I’m guessing – they’re such shills for Obama in the first place.]

Now, of course, every magazine hails Tina Fey as entertainer of the year, and she is now, known for her willing and able take-down of Gov. Sarah Palin, in helping destroy her candidacy and credibility during the election. Every Tina Fey search on Google is linked to her imitation of Palin – and NOTHING comes up when I search for this video (no search term, only a handful of videos and cites).

Yes, Tina’s getting tons of awards now – just as women who ‘enable’ the patriarchy always get rewarded and compensated. That’s the carrot. What happened with Palin and Clinton was the stick used for women who stepped out of line.

Ugh, Tina. You could do so much better. Shame on you to play into their hands so easily and so willingly. No, not for making a joke (or ten), but for speaking out against Sarah Palin in public (e.g. I’ll need to go to Mars for four years if she wins) and not speaking out for Hillary Clinton even though you did believe in her enough to write a skit calling out the media bias. For stomping on another woman in your four-inch high heels and fake accent and newly-visually-appealing-body (seriously, WTF was the Vanity Fair cover?) on your way to the top.

Joan Smith had it so right in Different for Girls: How Culture Creates Women , and the New Agenda has it so right today with the SOB-ization process: Simplify, Objectify, Bitch/Bimbo-fy. And it works ever so well if you have a woman do it to another woman, like Dowd to Clinton or Couric/Fey to Palin. After all, how can a woman be sexist??

Yes, Anglachel was right when she said men need to be responsible for sexism. But so do some women who play into the patriarchy’s constructs so willingly. And that’s not really victim-blaming, is it?

Hell hath no fury….

January 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I might be a little (!) late to the party, but I just saw Madame Secretary, the new blog over at that, in its own words, is

“an obsessive blog about all things Hillary Clinton. From her policies to her pantsuits, Madam Secretary delivers up-to-the-minute news, analysis, and gossip about America’s (next) top diplomat”

It’s surprisingly non-CDS affected for such a mainstream blog, too, so toodle off there if interested – I don’t know if it is a Trojan horse, but maybe I’m just being paranoid and pessimistic. But the interesting part here, is that this is written by Megan Carpentier and Carolyn O’Hara. The first name sounded so familiar I googled it, and here goes:
Female Wonkette Editor Fired — Sexism Involved?
and this:
Should Ken Layne Have Fired Megan Carpentier?

Wonkette editor Ken Layne continues to take some amazing heat for firing Megan Carpentier, one of the most popular writers the site has seen since Ana Marie Cox left in 2006. Commenters have been outright rude to him on his own site (calling him “a sexist anti-gay pig” in one instance), and he’s received dozens of letters from readers expressing their outrage.

And yes, Wonkette was never a great blog, just barely entertaining until a couple of years ago when all the women left. Now it’s just where random Wanktards in their shorts collect and rig polls with scripts. Myiq2xu has it best here. It was just a crazily anti-Hillary Clinton site, so no surprise that Megan Carpentier was asked to leave (much like goldberry was banned from dailykos and went on to set up one of the best blogs on the Internet, and Alegre went on strike. Thank God for that!!). So now we know!

The case of Reality vs. Journalism

January 14, 2009 Leave a comment

I’d decided not to write about this, but I really really have to document this:

Five hours of senate confirmation hearings, 300 questions:

Senate Confirmation Hearing Live Blog

Senate Confirmation Hearing Live Blog II

Senate Confirmation Hearing Live Blog III

Senate Confirmation Hearing Wrap-up

Including this jaw-droppingly good, solid, detailed thingjamig:

Hillary Clinton’s Senate Confirmation Hearing Opening Statement

And this is what they report:

Easy ride for Clinton in Senate hearing despite new fears

Clinton asked for more details on husband’s donors

Clinton charms Senate chums

I love journalists, don’t you?