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If Steve Jobs were a woman…

October 7, 2011 Leave a comment

…he’d be treated as a CEOILF.

…there’d be incessant carping about his sense of fashion (rather, the lack thereof).

…he could either be hard-working and unlikable, or incompetent and likable. Pick one.

…the over-pricing of his products would be evidence of his narcissism and be seen as a personal failing, not as evidence of his good/bad business sense.

…TV commentators would complain about his boring presentations, and wonder if he was *pimping* out his products a bit too vulgarly.

…late night comics would make jokes about raping his kids. Only the girls, of course.

…people would say ‘why doesn’t he just GO AWAY already?!’ while simultaneously clicking on every news link about him.

…people would make videos about punching him in the face, strangling him, and sexually assaulting him. In humor, of course.

…people would complain for years about how he was selfish in not having kids.

…people would be horrified that there were rumors of a kid he didn’t acknowledge.

…people would complain about how selfish he was in having kids and not staying home and taking care of them himself.

…people would complain about how selfish he was that he stayed home and took care of his kids for a few years, thereby *abandoning his company*.

…battle-lines would be drawn around his parenting choices – whether he chose to breastfeed or not would indicate how good a parent he was.

…his falling out with John Sculley, Gates and others would be seen as evidence of his b*tchiness, and he would NEVER get past it.

…sleazy pseudo-journalists would camp outside his house and write tell-all books about his family.

…sleazy journalists would say¬†*good lord, isn’t it horrifying* about the brown and black (wo)men he slept with in India and elsewhere.

…his ideas would always be ignored. Even when they were good.

…his ideas, if un-ignorably fabulous, would be appropriated sans acknowledgement.

…his product names would be treated as evidence of narcissism rather than personalization (iDevice)

…there would always be deep insinuations about how much influence, exactly, Laurene (who? his spouse!) had on his work and the firm.

..he would never, ever, EVER be seen as a visionary. No matter what he did or said.


Evolution of man

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Randall Munroe became a geek girl hero after this and this, and he was just 17 when he started xkcd. I’ve been a HUGE fan of his for a while, and these are a few of my favorite things.

But I’ve been very uncomfortable with some of his workand so have others. Once you look at who (Obama: I mean, seriously “[Clinton]’ll keep fighting for the status quo”?!!! W.T.F. – that statement warrants an xkcd comic all by itself!) and what (Self Made Man: Would’ve been a good book if she’d laid out the facts and not her inane analysis, because she blames women for modern men feeling lost, and it’s not the individual women’s fault but that of the patriarchy) has been influencing him, it’s no surprise.

Today, he’s officially grown (and not up) to become an American man. He can’t comprehend of a normal man who’d want to be committed and/or a normal woman who’d not.

Maybe he’s been watching too many “chick flicks”, too.


March 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Citigroup spark ignites rally that flames a modest hope

What perfect timing.

Maybe the whole current economic crisis is/was manufactured.

Follow the money

March 11, 2009 Leave a comment

An old post, drafted in November/December 2008:

Who stands to gain if the US economy crumbles because of terrorism? Who stands to gain if India is destabilized? Yes, we know it is jihadists, “Islamic terrorists” who actually carry out the attacks. But take a look at the numbers.

The average annual per capita income of an person in Pakistan is ~$1000 (source and source), and for PoK it would be considerably lower since there’s far less industry or agriculture and far less legitimate income. An average AK-47 costs ~$1000 (source); an average magazine for the AK-47 costs ~$30. Both would cost less on the black market/weapons market, and esp so in the sub-continent. The average cost of a rocket launcher on the weapons market is around $500 per launcher and $300 per rocket (source, unverified).

Clearly, the pathetic blokes who actually use these weapons don’t have the money. Kasab, for instance, was promised 1300 GBP (source), which is ~$1800, or about 2 AK-47s (fools that they were, the ten of them could’ve taken all their stockpiled weapons and the boat and just sold the things and vanished with a lot of money and their lives. They could’ve still been watching Hindi movies somewhere in the sub-continent. Bah! for non-economic thinking).

So if the weapons are bought and the ‘terrorists’ are mercenaries, who’s behind them all? Not just the people with the money and the means, but also others who have the motive. We need to look at who is funding them and why – and this isn’t just the Pakistani government, and not just Dawood and other rich Sheiks in Saudi. Who stands to gain if India loses its economic potential? Which country stands to gain if the USA loses its financial muscle? Which entity is it that is the only viable, credible, plausible threat to both and is threatened by both? And which nation would think in such zero-sum-game terms, anyway?

Oh, btw, this and this too.

Fe-: Iron-y, indeed.

March 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Obama hails women leaders, calls for more participation