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A many-colored jackass

Yeah, something was always definitely off with this guy:

“He wanted a woman who prayed five times a day and wears a hijab, and maybe the women he met were not complying with those things,” the former imam said.

Mr. Hasan, 40, a lawyer in Virginia, described his cousin as a respectful, hard-working man who had devoted himself to his parents and his career.

Well, he was surely not ‘respectful’ of the women he met – but of course, that’s such a minor detail that no one would even care about.

Apparently this guy was such an enormous patriot that he would go “against his parent’s wishes to join the army” to demonstrate his patriotism, the same parents that he was devoted to – but this same uber-patriot had expectations from his wife that she behave in accord with a totally different culture, a different country’s social norms.
And add to that, the mandatory inflexible hijab requirement should’ve set off major alarm bells that this man needed an eerie amount of control over his dependents, and would not compromise such control. Obviously it didn’t set off those alarm bells, because who cares – women are meant to be controlled any way, whether you’re Muslim or Christian, brown or white or black.

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