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Privacy, pizza and politics

So I ran into this the other day on the ACLU website, an old joke about how, a few years down the line, you’ll want to do something tiny and supposedly inconspicuous like, order a pizza, and the person on the other end will have access to everything about you, including your favorite types of pizza, your love life, your credit history, your tax filing status, your health records, etc. etc. If you haven’t already seen/read this, go read.

But the fun part is, the last timeI’d seen this I’d seen it in a right-wing site (don’t remember which). Funny how one person’s poison is everyone’s poison, too.

ACLU likes this because it effectively paints a doomsday scenario for when ‘Government controls and records everything’.
The right wing loves this because it shows what could happen if the ‘Government controls and records everything’.
My problem here, and that, I imagine, of the average immigrant, legal or not, is that the ‘(US) Government controls and records everything.

Of course, if this were to be shown to the average Indian college kid, I’m sure (s)he would wonder how soon (s)he could get a job in that call center.
The smart Indian college kid would start writing the scripts to link the databases and make this a reality.
The smarter Indian college kid would wonder how to get the contract from pizza companies/the US government to implement this software.
And the smartest Indian college kid immediately would get into regional Indian politics, start a party and loudly decry ‘Evil Western Culture’ that limits such great technology to pizzas and doesnt open it up to roti-subzi in dhabhas, win the election and make sure hir own records were off-limits to the database.

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