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What people can do to you

From what I was reading today:

I’m furious.

I’m furious that my long-awaited holiday has, once again, been destroyed by a thoughtless, unreliable, selfish companion.
I’m furious that after many, many years I was ready to dance again – with a judgemental partner, unfortunately – and that my opportunity to do so is now forever gone.
I’m furious that the city I loved so much at first sight, the city which put me in such a great joy, to learn, to experience, to explore, to have fun again – that city is now forever destroyed for me.
I’m furious that my best years are with a man that not only knows not how to record them for us, but also knows nothing about how to appreciate them for himself. He’s that bad.
I’m furious that I’m committed to a life with a person who takes pride in no accomplishment that is truly original; who takes joy in nothing elemental; who professes to have intelligence but cannot learn basic information about people or of objects; who is a quitter torn by pettishness and jealousy so deep so ingrained that he cannot, will not acknowledge it; who, after years of being with someone, still understands none of their passions or can express his own to them; and unfortunately whom I have invested so much in.

Could a tear-down be more perfect?

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