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Pictures and thousands of words

Apparently, even a flimsy, two-dimensional sheet of paper has more agency than a living woman – as long as that paper is imprinted with the image of a man. And men, of course, do the gazing, the “active looking”, even when they’re just staring off into the mid-distance. And women are always being looked at, even if their eyes are in focus – even if they’re actually looking at things and people in front if them, it doesn’t count because they’re women.

“Sticking around: Posters of moderate candidate Mehdi Karroubi gaze at women strolling in downtown Tehran on May 26.”

Now I have nothing against Preeti Aroon, who usually does a good job being provocative, informative and fairly unbiased in her daily posting at Madame Secretary. This one is just the most recent in a series of very badly crafted captions I’ve caught recently from all over today – it’s Freaky Friday.

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