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Bad NBC. Down, boy, down.

NBC suffering?

NEW YORK: NBC Universal saw its profits fall by 45% to $391 million (€301m; £267m) in the first quarter, with chief executive Jeff Zucker writing in a memo to staff that “a weaker advertising market and slower consumer demand,” along with one-off costs, all contributed to the decline.

Profits down 45% this year? Yay!

He also stated that without “one-off” costs, its profits would have fallen by just 15% during the first quarter as a whole.

These costs included a $45m fee to broadcast the Super Bowl, as well as a writedown in the value of its local TV unit ION Media, and increased film development costs.

C’mon, that doesn’t even make any sense. If the Super Bowl had costs, there had to be profits too. You’re not telecasting the Super Bowl out of the goodness of your hearts, are you? Just admit you did a really bad job and kept trying to upcharge advertisers who were, not making too much money. There’s just so much you could’ve got out of them, even if the upfronts sold mid-year last year there was already strong talk of a worsening economy.

And oh, wait, it gets worse:

[Jeff Zucker] praised the “incredible strength” of the company’s cable TV operations, which now account for 60% of NBC’s operating profit, and are continuing to perform at “record-setting levels.”


People, stop watching stupid TV content. Vote with your remotes, or you will perish! And take the rest of us down !!!!111!!!1!!!!!

When will America really change?


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