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Women and their urges. Bah!

Apparently, there’s trouble in Lanka on the sets of Ravan (who knew?). And it’s all because of Aishwarya’s face. Read this and this .

Now it depends what makeup exactly Aishwarya wanted to keep for the second half. If it’s mascara or concealer, I understand her hesitation in removing it because she’ll look like her eyelashes miraculously got shorter upon abduction (which doesn’t make sense unless the story has Abhishek playing an alien abductor with a prediliction for conducting eyelash-hair-shortening-experiments) – or that she’s suddenly got splotches on her face (which doesn’t make sense unless the story has her moving to Ladakh or Australia. Ohhhhhhhhhh, wait…..).

And there’re tonnnns of instances across movies, TV shows, photographs – where make up can actually enhance the depiction of any emotion, including, say, loneliness, fragility, sickness, or ill-health. I doubt if Aishwarya Rai would be so blind to the impact on the story-telling that she showed up with pink-cheeks and rose-lips for scenes where she’s supposed to depict ‘loss and pain’.

Either way, note how the story’s spun not as artistic differences between two artists – one being a very, very successful & powerful actress who’s played a variety of characters with and without make up – but as the frustrating battle of a stalwart director with an insecure, ‘moody’ woman who ‘sneaks in makeup’ even when told not to, lest she look – bleargh – UGLY!!!!!!!11111!!!!!

Of course, if she did look ‘ugly’, these same websites would be plastering her photograph everywhere, screaming headlines of ‘Former most beautiful woman has put on 0.2 kgs!’ or ‘Bachchan bahu has a pimple’.

And if this happens to Aish-f****ng-warya, what about the rest of us?

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