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In which the Sena believes itself to be an army

Ram Sena, Shiv Sena, same difference. What they love to do is to attack anyone vulnerable. And of course, physically attacking women is what they live for:

Sena mob attacks Ajmal counsel

MUMBAI: In a midnight attack on Anjali Waghmare, the newly appointed defence lawyer for gunman Mohammad Ajmal Amir ‘Kasab’, a Shiv Sena mob pressured her into writing a statement that she would withdraw herself from the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack case.

The group, which went to her residence at Worli here at 0015 hours on Tuesday, hurled abuses at her and made obscene gestures. The police said 12 people were booked on charges of rioting and outraging the modesty of a woman.

The party’s supremo, Bal Thackeray, even demanded that Ajmal be hanged publicly at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, one of the scenes of the terror strike.

I feel the same pain that these people do, and so do ~1 billion people. But the idea that I can use that pain, that anger, to deny the accused terrorist legal counsel is abhorrent, and frankly, so very counterintiutive.

The whole point of this attack that we believe this guy perpetrated, was to destory “India”, hurt our nation and make it more like Pakistan or Aghanistan or whatever his overlords believe is the best role model (no accounting for taste, really).

By hanging a human being in public or by not following proper Indian constitutional processes the Sena is themselves, voluntarily, moving our nation into Pakistan/Afghanistan/tribal/lawless land. By attacking a woman for following the law, while she’s in her house and has asked for police protection – the Sena is no different from the Taleb. By not allowing this guy what is due to him in a court of law, they’re delaying the punishment due to him and the justice that my nation can serve to a murderer – they’re delaying Dharma. By ripping clothes off women whom they believe to be indecently attired, they literally further the indecency of the womens’ attire and expose the depravity of their own souls. Their actions have no place in modern-day India, and no place in my country. And there is no place in any Sanskrit or Indian or Hindu (independent variables) literature or cultural reference where a nation that was unsafe for women was lauded for being great or well-ruled – but there are plenty of references to wonderful lands with great rulers who ensured that “even a lady peasant could take a walk at midnight, unmolested and unafraid”.

I bet they’re not even sure what kind of a Ram Rajya they want, but the fucking Sena idiots need to get a brain first.

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