Evolution of man

Randall Munroe became a geek girl hero after this and this, and he was just 17 when he started xkcd. I’ve been a HUGE fan of his for a while, and these are a few of my favorite things.

But I’ve been very uncomfortable with some of his workand so have others. Once you look at who (Obama: I mean, seriously “[Clinton]’ll keep fighting for the status quo”?!!! W.T.F. – that statement warrants an xkcd comic all by itself!) and what (Self Made Man: Would’ve been a good book if she’d laid out the facts and not her inane analysis, because she blames women for modern men feeling lost, and it’s not the individual women’s fault but that of the patriarchy) has been influencing him, it’s no surprise.

Today, he’s officially grown (and not up) to become an American man. He can’t comprehend of a normal man who’d want to be committed and/or a normal woman who’d not.

Maybe he’s been watching too many “chick flicks”, too.

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