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How high is too high?

I was looking at a vendor’s presentation today that showed a research technique, and it struck me – we, i.e. ALL CPG companies – base all our millions and millions of $$ of product development and innovation on a choice made by a sample consumer in 0.7 seconds on one-sixth of a computer screen. Then, of course, we spend months and months and plenty of $$ refining that one choice and pretti-fy-ing it…

No wonder we have idiot-proof stuff, and idiotic stuff that all looks similar. We make junk, and consumers get junk, and they end up then selecting new junk in research that is familiar to them, therefore most similar to their existing junk. Then we launch it and then plan another line extension or a new ad campaign to keep the junk alive in the market.

Anything that takes longer to figure out and say ‘ah-ha’ to, is lost in the packaged goods business. Anything that takes time to know and like and love, aka Rahman’s music, is lost forever in the CPG world.

I’m not sure I believe any longer in the Procter school of brand management. After having worked there and after a hundred years of that model in the marketing/management world, we definitely need something different.

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