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How badly do we need the 33% solution in India?

An alien – heck, an American – hearing all the talk, reading all the headlines about the Indian Lok Sabha elections in April would read so much about Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati, Jayalalita, Sheila Dixit and Mamta Banerjee. I bet (s)he would think India is close to the Nordic nations in terms of women in politics.

Out of 188 countries in the world where this representation is measured, where do you think we stand?

A measly 105 out of 188 countries. In terms of representation of women in the National parliament, we’re behind Afghanistan. Iraq. Sierra Leone. Bosnia and Herzegovina. UAE. Kazakhstan. Burkina Faso. Djibouti. Swaziland. And Pakistan.

We’re just above a handful of nations like Saudi Arabia, where the laws do not allow women to contest.

Just in case this is still contested: India is NOT a representative democracy when 50% of our population has no voice. We’re pretending at a democracy.

We may be sixty-two years old, but we’re just playing.

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