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We’re just not that into you. Really.

So mental floss’s one of my fav blogs. But here, as elsewhere in geek world, I can find stupid, sexist and plain inaccurate statements. Just like, apparently, “dogs can find almost anything“:

Their noses contain far more olfactory receptors than humans’ sniffers do, and the receptors are situated perfectly along the main airstreams of the pups’ noses. Sure, you already knew that detection dogs were able to sniff out drugs, bombs, and corpses, but what else can a well-trained pooch find using only his nose?

Examples of casual, everyday misogyny – Ethan Trex, who’s posted this, is not yet Favreau-level, but he could get there:

There’s very little romance involved in commercial cattle breeding. For the most part, the cow is artificially inseminated, so the bull’s not even around to make awkward excuses about why it’s not going to call. Given this impersonal system, breeders need to know when the perfect time to inseminate the cow is, and dogs can help. Since a cow’s physical chemistry changes slightly when she’s in heat, a dog can sniff out the differences and alert a farmer ….

Poor Trex, it seems, spends all his time fighting off clingy women who can’t get enough of him. So much so, that ‘romance’ = ‘clingy women’. The first thing that pops into his head when he thinks of reproduction and/or sex is not romance, not fun, not even porn or other “deviant sexual behavior”: it is figuring out ways to avoid calling women.

Seems to me the only experience this lad’s speaking from, is Judd Apatow chick flicks.

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