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"Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles, he’s gone!"

Muthalik banned from Mangalore

NEW DELHI: A Mangalore court on Monday banned Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik from entering Dakshina Kannada district for one year. Muthalik’s Ram Sene was involved in an attack in a Mangalore pub in January, 2009. …The order by district magistrate V Ponnuraj came into effect immediately, the spokesperson said by phone from Mangalore. ….A group of 40 activists of the Sri Ram Sene barged into a pub in Mangalore and bashed up a group of young women and men, claiming the women were violating traditional Indian values.

Satisfyingly strong stuff by district magistrate V Ponnuraj there. But I wonder – will this just mean Muthalik gets even more free publicity and a great deal of sympathy? Can he pretend that he of the Ram Sene is like “Lord Ram, exiled from his motherland”, and cash in on the unintended (?) symmetry of their situations? Will Muthalik be the simple son of the soil who’s been subjected to separation from his sustenance by those very shoppers of sin, those suppliers of superficiality he’d been trying to shut-down in his saloon-strike?

Meanwhile, I do see Ponnuraj’s pov too. Especially in an election year, you don’t want moronic misogynists making a mockery of the (mis)rule of law. But if Muthalik can’t do mayhem in Mangalore, where is he going to do so? Because his mischief-causing mind isn’t going to become milder with mitigated means.

Will Muthalik see sense? Will the Sene make a-mends?

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