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Follow the money

An old post, drafted in November/December 2008:

Who stands to gain if the US economy crumbles because of terrorism? Who stands to gain if India is destabilized? Yes, we know it is jihadists, “Islamic terrorists” who actually carry out the attacks. But take a look at the numbers.

The average annual per capita income of an person in Pakistan is ~$1000 (source and source), and for PoK it would be considerably lower since there’s far less industry or agriculture and far less legitimate income. An average AK-47 costs ~$1000 (source); an average magazine for the AK-47 costs ~$30. Both would cost less on the black market/weapons market, and esp so in the sub-continent. The average cost of a rocket launcher on the weapons market is around $500 per launcher and $300 per rocket (source, unverified).

Clearly, the pathetic blokes who actually use these weapons don’t have the money. Kasab, for instance, was promised 1300 GBP (source), which is ~$1800, or about 2 AK-47s (fools that they were, the ten of them could’ve taken all their stockpiled weapons and the boat and just sold the things and vanished with a lot of money and their lives. They could’ve still been watching Hindi movies somewhere in the sub-continent. Bah! for non-economic thinking).

So if the weapons are bought and the ‘terrorists’ are mercenaries, who’s behind them all? Not just the people with the money and the means, but also others who have the motive. We need to look at who is funding them and why – and this isn’t just the Pakistani government, and not just Dawood and other rich Sheiks in Saudi. Who stands to gain if India loses its economic potential? Which country stands to gain if the USA loses its financial muscle? Which entity is it that is the only viable, credible, plausible threat to both and is threatened by both? And which nation would think in such zero-sum-game terms, anyway?

Oh, btw, this and this too.

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