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My most memorable compliments

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So I realized, that as usual, I was revelling in my own angst – and found the most wonderful QOTD on my favorite feminist site. It’s a great pain-remover to remember your own best moments, and something I never, ever do for some reason (though the bad moments keep playing in an endless loop in my head.

  • My grandmother discovered she could teach me Sanskrit when I was 3. After one day of learning, I spoke full, albeit basic sentences. I think this speaks more to her teaching skills, but I can now take pride in my child-prodigy status :-).
  • My aunt’s mother-in-law said that whenever I walk in to their house, everything seems more ‘alive’.
  • A friend in college (hostel) whom I didn’t know very well said I was more full of life than other people.
  • My uncle’d written to me when I was 16 saying despite all my ‘gifts’ that I had my head screwed on right. Of course, this one needs to be massively discounted as I’ve since discovered he’s not that great a judge of people J, plus he had other motives in saying this – as a family member, he wanted me to succeed at my looming entrance exams to various colleges.
  • My husband told me I had the best butt ever. This was before we’d started going around.
  • My now-husband’s grand-uncle saw my resume before my marriage, and called his brother (my grandfather) to tell him that I was so shockingly accomplished, I was too good for their family!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Last week, at work, a vendor sent me a card after we’d worked with them – they’d said different, customized things for each person about project next steps – and for me, they slipped in a compliment saying “you really know your stuff, and you’re so easy to work with”.
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