Favreau of the day

Favreau = Stinkin’ stupid sexist scumbag.

Coming from a woman who’s always stood up for justice & social equality, broken stereotypes for actresses in how they should look and what roles they should portray, and shown exemplary courage in speaking up against the organized mafia in Bollywood where every man on the ‘Most Powerful People in Bollywood’ list caved (incl. SRK, Hrithik, etc.), this is just sad (via Annie Zaidi):

Preity Zinta: I am a woman and do voice my concern over injustice done
to women but that does not make me a bra burning psychotic chick!

Say it ain’t so, Preity. I strongly suspect this is horrendous mis-reporting by the great journalists of TOI and indiatimes, but if not, this just breaks my heart. C’mon, Preity. So all you want to do is meekly “voice your concern” but not actually voice it loud enough to get something changed? And are there just two mutually exclusive possibilities: a woman that voices concern vs. psychotic chick? Nothing in between – which belies Preity’s whole existence, really, of smart power and effecting change thorugh personal courage. And what makes a bra-burner psychotic, anyway – can’t you be a non-psychotic inflamer of underwear? She’s actually more of a Phylis Schafly here than a Jon Favreau, but I have just one award to give away right now. I like to believe in positive reinforcement, so I’ll institute a Renuka Choudhary award – and maybe give it first to Renuka Choudhary, the grand dame herself.

Oh, and is this Ram Sena the same one as Muthalik’s? If yes, what delicious irony that the Indian right-wing supports the US “left-wing”. Tell you a lot about (A) Overton’s window and (B) about Barrrracccckkk’s special, universal appeal to all kinds of bigots around the world.

  1. The Glenn Beck Review
    June 18, 2010 at 2:21 am

    I just discovered the Overton Window today. I’d love your comment on my view of it.

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