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History changes with the future

How the lack of written, documented history affects everyone: an extreme example here

“All of the pillars of the big bang will disappear. The Hubble expansion is
going to disappear. Because the galaxies we use as tracers
of the Hubble expansion will disappear. There’ll be nothing to trace the
expansion. You might say, well, look, we have the cosmic microwave background
radiation. Too bad. Because it goes away. When the universe is 50 times its
present age, the cosmic microwave background will not be able to permeate our
galaxy. So even if observers were smart enough to measure things much weaker
than we can measure today, it wouldn’t be there to measure.

“The scientific picture of the universe a hundred years ago was that it was
static and eternal in which we live in an island universe, our galaxy surrounded
by empty space. And that’s the picture we’ve changed radically due to all of our
observations. And I want to point out the far future is going to bring a return
to exactly that picture. Observers in the far future will use the best science
they can come up with to determine the nature of the universe and they will come
up with exactly the wrong answer.”

Sometimes you don’t even need a journalist to change history, eh.

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