Why Hillary needed to win.

This broke me….

The First Couple stepped away from the White House pressure cooker for a short visit with Washington D.C. schoolchildren. Among the topics addressed was the perennial favorite “what do you want to be when you grow up?” According to “The Swamp” (the outlet for the Chicago Tribune’s Washington Bureau), one little boy informed Mr. Obama he would like to be the President of the United States. The future former President responded encouragingly: “I think you might make it.” One of the girls volunteered that she would like to be First Lady. “It doesn’t pay much,” the First Lady commented. I don’t know if the self-described Mom-in-Chief delivered that remark as a quip or a lament. If only she could have followed up with an explanation of how role models can expand – or circumscribe – girls’ ambitions (including their future earning potential) it could have been a real learning experience…

The contrast between what the kids of each gender said and how the adults of each gender reacted is stunning. This, in 2009.

Fuck you, Barack and Michelle Obama. May you rot in hell.

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