Women on women crime

Yes, this is an old story. But funny how in every avataar, they pick a woman with credibility built on a bit of feminism to discredit another woman they don’t like. It’s never that they pick Phyllis Schafly to criticize Sarah Palin, they pick a Tina Fey, who made millions of people sit up and watch when she supported their nemesis, Hillary Clinton.

For me, the election’s coverage turned with Bitch is the new Black:

[Oh, if you can’t play the video, it’s because the clip no longer exists. Exactly like the Des Moines Register endorsement of Sen. Clinton over Sen. Obama was scrubbed: see what RD said here about the incident. You can’t find the Tina Fey clip online on google or YouTube, because NBC claimed copyright – and they didn’t for the opening segment of the same episode. And you can’t find the clip on the NBC site, because – I’m guessing – they’re such shills for Obama in the first place.]

Now, of course, every magazine hails Tina Fey as entertainer of the year, and she is now, known for her willing and able take-down of Gov. Sarah Palin, in helping destroy her candidacy and credibility during the election. Every Tina Fey search on Google is linked to her imitation of Palin – and NOTHING comes up when I search for this video (no search term, only a handful of videos and cites).

Yes, Tina’s getting tons of awards now – just as women who ‘enable’ the patriarchy always get rewarded and compensated. That’s the carrot. What happened with Palin and Clinton was the stick used for women who stepped out of line.

Ugh, Tina. You could do so much better. Shame on you to play into their hands so easily and so willingly. No, not for making a joke (or ten), but for speaking out against Sarah Palin in public (e.g. I’ll need to go to Mars for four years if she wins) and not speaking out for Hillary Clinton even though you did believe in her enough to write a skit calling out the media bias. For stomping on another woman in your four-inch high heels and fake accent and newly-visually-appealing-body (seriously, WTF was the Vanity Fair cover?) on your way to the top.

Joan Smith had it so right in Different for Girls: How Culture Creates Women , and the New Agenda has it so right today with the SOB-ization process: Simplify, Objectify, Bitch/Bimbo-fy. And it works ever so well if you have a woman do it to another woman, like Dowd to Clinton or Couric/Fey to Palin. After all, how can a woman be sexist??

Yes, Anglachel was right when she said men need to be responsible for sexism. But so do some women who play into the patriarchy’s constructs so willingly. And that’s not really victim-blaming, is it?

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