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Holbrooke has work to do

Thank you, George Bush and the stupid journalists who rooted for him because they found Al Gore ‘boring’ (All . . . those . . . drawn . . . out . . . syllables . . . signifying . . . nothing . . . had . . . a . . . soporific . . . effect . . . on . . . me. But when I snapped back to attention, I hadn’t missed a thing.) and too policy-oriented (It is politics, where style is as important — perhaps more important — than substance). Thank you for all the voters who constantly vote in style over substance, and fall for every last trick in the book. Thank you for this:

Taliban killing education, culture in Swat
(reported off a reporting as I could just not locate the original article in The News. Note to The News: introduce a ‘search’ function on your website, stat!)

On January 2, Shabana an artiste from Swat valley in Pakistan, who used to earn her living by singing at weddings and other functions, was shot through the head by Taliban militants, who obliged her last wish — not to slit her throat.
The incident occurred at the main square, now aptly called ‘Khooni Chowk’, of Mingora town in the picturesque Swat valley, which is virtually under the siege of the Taliban and other religious extremists, Pakistani daily ‘The News’ said in a report. “Before being killed Shabana asked the men not to slit her throat but shoot her instead. They fulfilled her last wish,” the report said.
“The beautiful valley was once the centre of tourism in Pakistan and employed thousands of people in the hospitality industry. Besides, Swat was more tolerant and liberal than many other parts of the country. There was more literacy, education and prosperity. The face of the nation is smeared with the blood of its own innocent sons and daughters,” it said.

… a school teacher, who worked to support her children, was labelled a prostitute by the Taliban, which forced her to wear ghungroos (ankle bells) on her feet, mercilessly demeaned and then killed her.

(Via Ultrabrown)

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