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"May you live in stupidly interesting Times"

Go Read Gary here: obama gets pwned and the old gray lady is pissed

Has New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger suddenly started pushing back with his editorial team with a heavier hand than he did in the primaries about what narrative he wants pushed? And are DANNY “Hack” HAKIM and NICHOLAS “Conman” CONFESSORE even real names?

Oh, and there are other articles in the same vein – the best part is when this article says:

Mr. Paterson, by contrast, was enduring some of the harshest news coverage of
his 10-month tenure, with newspaper editorials calling him “inept” and “not ready for prime time”

…and the editorial they link to is from their own fucking paper. Awesome. They couldn’t obviously find ONE more editorial critical of Gov Paterson! And starting out I wasn’t so sure of Gov Paterson, but each article I find in the NYT critical of the guy reinforces my positive opinion of him. And I can’t be the only one thinking this way.

It didn’t even take this level of bu**s*** to turn the Times of India into a rag no sane human being wants to read any more.

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