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Take Action: Sexism in Celebrity Big Brother UK

Funny how the race row became such a big issue in Celebrity Big Brother UK a couple of years ago. It was a pathetic situation involving a bunch of losers who needed to feel superior over each other, so while one brown woman had looks, popularity, exotic-ness and the ubiquitous ‘adaayein’ etc. going for her, the others with nothing to write home about ganged up on her and mouthed off on how ‘Indians eat with their hands’ or calling her ‘Fuckwalla’ etc. It was a disgusting window to exactly what is in some people’s and souls, and justice was served.
Off wiki, this and this:

The comments were then screened on UK television and resulted in extensive national and international media coverage, responses from both the UK and Indian governments,[1] and the show’s suspension during the 2008 season.[2] Many agencies and corporations cancelled their contracts with the housemates accused of racism, citing the allegations as the reason for the terminations. Also, many sponsors of the Big Brother series cancelled.[3] or suspended [4] their sponsorship of the show. …..

UK media regulator Ofcom received more than 44,500 complaints[63][64][65] – a record number for a British television programme after transmission. Channel 4 received an additional 3,000 complaints,[66][67] about racism and bullying by housemates against Shetty. The Eastern Eye newspaper launched an online petition that registered over 30,000 signatures.[68]

Big Brother was Channel 4’s biggest money-spinner, accounting for around seven per cent of its total £800 million advertising income,[28] however the celebrity version of the show was axed on 24 August 2007[29]. Producers of some of the international versions of Big Brother have also changed some rules in light of this incident.

After the show, Jade Goody, one of the contestants directly accused of racist remarks, stated that her comments were racist and apologised for them.[5] Shetty later told that media that she forgave Jade.[6] After conducting an investigation, Ofcom ruled that Channel 4 had breached the Ofcom code of conduct, and statutory sanctions were placed on the network.[7]

If activism and the success of speaking up warms your cockles, as it does mine, I’m sure you enjoyed reading that.

Now look at this: after two years, Celebrity Big Brother UK is back. They have guidelines and have trained their participants in avoiding racial minefields and on diversity/sensitivity.

Watch a clip of a recent episode, though, some black jackass [I refuse to give him a name and a Google cite] mouths off about his friend’s mother and how he thinks she’s a ‘ho’ because she danced (!!!!!!!!) in a party in her house. Mr loser jackass declares that women ought not to behave like ho’s and bitches.
You have to give it to Scottish socialist politician Tommy Sheridan for standing up to this abomination of a human being, but why is there so much silence in the rest of the group? And in the world? Why aren’t Channel 4’s phones ringing off the hook, their mailboxes being flooded as we speak?

Do your bit NOW!

Phone: 0845 076 0191 (to call from US dial 011-845-076-0191)
9am – 9pm Monday to Friday
10am – 7pm on weekends
10am – 6pm on public holidays

Channel 4 Enquiries

PO Box 1058



and say something like this:

By allowing Coolio’s sexist remarks on television about how a woman is a whore if she dances suggestively in public in her own house, you have underminded your own promise to ensure a bigotry-free, prejudice-free Celebrity Big Brother 2009. We demand action against the housemate who so callously passed his judgement on all women and hope that Channel 4 takes a position against misogyny.

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