Hell hath no fury….

I might be a little (!) late to the party, but I just saw Madame Secretary, the new blog over at http://www.foreignpolicy.com/ that, in its own words, is

“an obsessive blog about all things Hillary Clinton. From her policies to her pantsuits, Madam Secretary delivers up-to-the-minute news, analysis, and gossip about America’s (next) top diplomat”

It’s surprisingly non-CDS affected for such a mainstream blog, too, so toodle off there if interested – I don’t know if it is a Trojan horse, but maybe I’m just being paranoid and pessimistic. But the interesting part here, is that this is written by Megan Carpentier and Carolyn O’Hara. The first name sounded so familiar I googled it, and here goes:
Female Wonkette Editor Fired — Sexism Involved?
and this:
Should Ken Layne Have Fired Megan Carpentier?

Wonkette editor Ken Layne continues to take some amazing heat for firing Megan Carpentier, one of the most popular writers the site has seen since Ana Marie Cox left in 2006. Commenters have been outright rude to him on his own site (calling him “a sexist anti-gay pig” in one instance), and he’s received dozens of letters from readers expressing their outrage.

And yes, Wonkette was never a great blog, just barely entertaining until a couple of years ago when all the women left. Now it’s just where random Wanktards in their shorts collect and rig polls with scripts. Myiq2xu has it best here. It was just a crazily anti-Hillary Clinton site, so no surprise that Megan Carpentier was asked to leave (much like goldberry was banned from dailykos and went on to set up one of the best blogs on the Internet, and Alegre went on strike. Thank God for that!!). So now we know!

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