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Will Mira Nair win next year?

Now Depp’s Shantaram, so much like Slumdog, releases this year – and it’ll get tons of people watching, but no awards, of course – they wouldn’t give another Indian film all the awards again next year. Too bad for Mira Nair 😦 – and she’s not just co-director, whatever that means.

Unless SM doesn’t win at the Oscars (god forbid) this year.

Speaking of Shantaram, check out Gregory’s blog (I’ve referenced him earlier in appreciation for his sensitivity about gender-based violence here) read the extract below. This is probably one of the most sensible set of suggestions I’ve heard re: the terror attacks:

QUESTION 09: What can we do about these terror attacks?
ANSWER 09: We can do 6 things:

1) Address the injustices that provoke these attacks. Jihadists do NOT make attacks because they are poor, as Barack Obama said during his campaign for the presidency, or because we are free, as Bush2 said after 911. They make the attacks because of the injustices suffered by Muslims in 5 main places. When Israel cuts off the water, food, electricity, medicines, and even sewage control from the Palestinians in Gaza – no matter what the provocation – they are giving the Jihadists their most potent weapon: injustice. Cutting off these essential supplies is a crime against humanity, and the Jihadists know it. Because the world allows this to happen, and doesn’t defend the lives of Palestinian women and children, the Jihadists have no trouble in convincing potentially radical young Muslims that there is no alternative but violence in reaction. If we want to reduce Jihadist attacks, we must seek just solutions to
the suffering endured by Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and
Chechnya as a matter of prime international priority. This is not just a means
to achieve justice for its own sake – which it most certainly is – but also an
essential step towards reducing violence across the world. If action on these
sources of injustice is done, and seen to be done, the best weapon of the
Jihadists will be removed, and new recruits to their ranks will be much harder
to find.

2) Seek out and close down the Jihadist camps in Pakistan.

3) Prevent Jihadist elements in Saudi Arabia from providing the money that is used
to pay for Jihadist training and activity. Almost all the money that pays for
Jihadist attacks comes from Saudi Arabia. This is a historical reality. When the
British government created the nation of Saudi Arabia, and created a royal
family to rule it, The House of Saud, the Bedouin Wahabbists – who follow an
extreme form of Islam, that underpins Jihadism – were recruited to support the
weak royal family. In exchange for the support of the warrior Wahabbis, the
Saudi royal family agreed to support the Wahabbist Jihad agenda across the
world. Almost every Koran carried by a Jihadist is printed in Saudi Arabia, and
almost every dollar in their pockets comes from Saudi Arabia. If we want the
attacks to reduce, and finally to sop, we have to choke off this supply of money
from Saudi Arabia, and we have to support the moderate, democratic forces that
could, eventually, bring these Wahabbist elements under control.

4) Preserve and defend our own democratic institutions and our constitutional and mandated rights. We must be the living example of what we believe, and never allow the Jihadists to determine what rights we have, or how free we are. In the long run,
if our societies continue to be free and democratic, and vigorously defend the
human rights of ALL human beings, that way of life will be the best answer to
the repressive paradigm being promoted by the Jihadists. Every time we chip away
at our own rights or freedoms, we prove the Jihadists right. Every time we stand
up for human rights – even the human rights of the Jihadists who attack us – we
prove them wrong.

5) Support moderate and democratic elements in all countries, everywhere – especially in countries with large Muslim majorities. When Bush2 named Iran as part of an “Axis of Evil”, he delivered a severe blow to the moderate and democratic elements in Iranian society, and created a weapon that the repressive regime could use against them. That reaction set the movement toward democracy back in Iran by a generation, with a single sentence.
We have to believe what we preach, and never allow ourselves to be hypocrites.
When the people of Palestine voted for a Hamas-led government in a free and fair
election, the western countries that preach so long and hard about democracy
refused to accept the result. That hypocrisy gave the Jihadists an extremely
powerful weapon to use: they could point to the western governments and say:
“See, they don’t really believe in democracy, and if you follow them, and vote
for someone they don’t like, they will do everything to bring you down.”. We
must believe sincerely, and support every moderate and democratic voice raised
across the world, even when the results of that democratic election don’t give
us results we like. In the long run of history, if we support democracy without
wavering, even when the result isn’t something we like, people will always be
more free, because they will always have the chance to choose a new government –
perhaps one that we do like better.

6) We must not aggrandize the vicious acts of the Jihadists with the term “terror”. In the first place, the term “War on Terror” is an oxymoron: war IS terror, so the phrase means a “Terror on Terror”, and that’s exactly the wrong approach, if our objective is to end the violence and weaken the power of the Jihadists. What me must do is to insist that these crimes are just that – vicious and cowardly CRIMES – and that they will be prosecuted in criminal courts that are fair and open, and that preserve the rights of all – even of the Jihadists who appear in them. We must refer to the Jihadists as Jihadist criminals, rather than Jihadist terrorists, because
every time we use the word terror in describing them and their acts, we give
them more power and authority than their cowardly, craven crimes deserve.

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