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Golden Globes

If I’m ever nominated for an award, when the spotlight is on me as they read out the names of the five/six nominees, I’m so going to pick my nose and smile widely on camera. SO gonna!

And what was with the utter gross mispronunciation of ‘Rahman‘ at today’s Golden Globes? It’s RAH-MAAN, you dufuses. Aren’t you all actors? Don’t (some of) you learn accents and pronunciations for a living? Esp. David Duchovny – with Californication’s Season 2 I’m already disappointed, now I’m disgusted. Almost everyone announcing the award said ‘Rooman‘. And David Duchovny comes out after the award was given out, and corrected someone’s approximately right ‘Raymon‘ to ‘Rooman‘. Eeks.

Shah Rukh, I officially love you. Thank you for looking so stupendously good, and speaking so awesomely well, and so diplomatically correcting the above-mentioned doofuses :-), and just doing SO SO well every day. Especially today after I saw Ghajini, and I know Aamir doesn’t hold a candle to you for sheer humanity, smarts and non-bigotry.

See his video here.

P.S.: Why no shout-out for the Mumbai terror attacks? Or at the very least, a blanket condemnation of violence as a means to settle disagreement (would also serve the purpose of your support for Palestine: c’mon, you know SRK is never ignorant of symbolism – esp in sartorial matters. The kaffiyeh itself is awesome, btw.).

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