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Causes vs. effects

I love this line here:

But to be honest, uncovering the causes of effects excites me more than
measuring the effects of causes.

That’s the astronomer/astronaut difference from first principles. That’s also probably the difference between me and P, as RamC was trying to explain why I would some time in life go back to academics and why P would be happier in industry. P will excel at the former but will never find that exciting enough, because he really, truly cares for measurable, tangible results. I, on the other hand, love figuring out ‘why’ and ‘how’, and will wait for someone else to make it work and refine it, even if it costs me the fruits of labor. I’m a theoretician! Even when I do practical work, I’m the Indian (as opposed to the Western) model of working – just get it done fast and for now, and don’t worry about the systemic changes required to be made in order that it works for everyone for the long term.

Most women live their lives only focused on the effects – at work, at home, and in their lives, without analyzing causes either way. There’s no sense of history or perspective – most women I know here in the US don’t even know who, say, the 99’s are. Or, say, why Hillary Clinton lost. Without looking at either the causes of effects or to the effects of causes, we’re doomed to continue as not just the Second Sex, but as the second rate gender. Sadly, not too many women seem to care – most of them are thrilled to bits with the Inaugural gowns they will wear.

Anyway, Ha! Now I have an excuse for my love for blogging relatively prolifically, and my utter disinterest in doing a Leo Babauta and getting some readership. I love blogging about the ‘why’s of various things, but I’ve just removed three feeds from my reader this past week that taught me how to use analytics to improve blog readership.

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