Bile times

I didn’t think of posting about this because it just made the bile rise and burn so bad, and so many others have expressed similar feelings as mine.

But since I, like a fool, jumped two days ago at the small sliver of ‘hope’ introduced by Campbell Brown’s criticism of Obama the other day, I need to state her incredibly ineffective response to this one – effective only in that it reveals her character/thought process:

My 1-month-old kid could look at this picture of you and say, if he could
talk yet, “what a total idiot move.” So, I’m not even going to bother. You know
how incredibly stupid that was.

Brown manages to say she thinks of this as a stupid move by Jon – a word that’s used for an act that damages you politically – not a disgusting, outrageous, sickening . No, not only does she NOT feel any of the violation, the sense of revulsion to Jon that is shared by any two-legged humanoid being on looking at this picture – she also manages to blame Hillary. She doesn’t blame Jon who’s depicting assault, sexual violation of an unwilling, un-complicit woman. She doesn’t blame Obama, the hirer of Summers, who’s actually encouraged this shit and continues to employ people like Jon and provide such a rich breeding ground of hatred against women. Not the woman in the picture, who, as RD has so wonderfully written here, has to be a particularly pathetic specimen of womankind herself for just smiling along. Brown doesn’t blame even easy targets like American culture at large, or obvious ones like the media (incl. herself). No, she blames Hillary Clinton.

Wow. Do they still have this thing called ‘logic’ at CNN HQ anymore?

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