Shame on you

Dec. 5: First Maya, now Jaya – the CPM’s dour general secretary seems to have
mastered the art of tying up with the country’s temperamental women leaders,
much to the disappointment of the BJP which once held the monopoly of hitching
up with fiery….

No link for this news site, but a lot of shame for suggesting that Mayawati and Jayalalitha are ‘tempramental women leaders’. ‘Tempramentality’ is not the sole refuge of women (see Rane sulking here), so this is both inaccurate and incredibly sexist. It’s lazy logic to conflate any passionate woman with being an emotional, hysterical female or any non-obviously passionate woman with ‘ice queen’ or ‘cold bitch’.

But what does one know, it can still be done!

And more, and this (OMG Shoez!)

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