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Mental destruction

Maybe what would work is if we see stories of how the terrorists begged to be spared with their lives? If instead of calling them ‘very well planned attackers’ and complimenting them on their ruthlessness, we deglamorize their profession with rumors of how the last surviving terrorist turned yellow with fear when he knew he was being caught. After all, we know that the arrested terrorist says gang hoped to get away, and “I do not want to die,” he reportedly said. “Please put me on saline.”
Maybe what would work is if we publicized how many of Ajmal Amir Kasab, Abu Ali, Fahad, Omar, Shoaib, Umer, Abu Akasha, Ismail, Abdul Rahman (Bara) and Abdul Rahman (Chhota) are Shias in a sunni-majority Pakistan. Instead of Modi announcing to the world his ill-formed ill-informed thoughts on how the ATS should be run, or the Israelis being allowed to criticize Indian operations,

This is exactly the kind of stuff that should not be said when you’re trying to win a battle of propaganda and ideas:

The ATS and crime branch sources said the captured terrorist has come out as a “cool guy” who has shown “no regrets” for whatever he has done at the CST.

If you’re calling a fucking terrorist a “cool guy” you’ve already lost the battle and the war. I don’t mean spread falsehoods, but when you have something that disparages the terrorist and blows apart the carefully constructed myth about these jackasses being “brave freedom fighters”, then please publicize that!

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