Obama calls PM, says terror can’t defeat India’s democracy
So democracy is again what’s supreme about India? I thought this new guy said ‘change’ from Bush? That now freedom, non-violence, human rights, equality and economic growth were important again vs. holding elections? For chrissakes, Saudi Arabia has elections now at the local level – as free and fair as elections can be. That doesnt make the nation great. For chrissakes, Hamas was elected freely and fairly by a majority, Narendra Modi won a third term, and Hilter was elected and supported by his people.
I – and large parts of the world – thought George Bush was stupid for prioritizing a country’s governing system over any other shared value. His crusade to spread democracy in the world was a complete misunderstanding of how democracy works. His deliberate ‘misunderestimation’ of the importance of the pillars of democracy: a free press, an independant judiciary, an unambiguously elected legislative and an efficient, independant executive – were causes for the massive failure of his domestic and foreign policy, because one who doesnt understand the means can never understand the end.

Obama, of course, is so different and oh, so intelligent!!!!11!!1!!!!

Update: Bush’s staff is apparently more nuanced than Obama or his staff. Sheesh!

“People of India are resilient. People of India are strong. They have
built a vibrant, multiethnic democracy that can withstand this trial. Their
financial capital of Mumbai will continue to be the centre of commerce and
prosperity,” he said.

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