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More utter stupidity.

This is why I think Obama is a fool.

Let me make it clear – I agree with most free market principles. I believe there should be not too much incest between business and government. I believe there should be separation of Church (or Temple) and State. I believe military and political powers should never be concentrated in the same individual.

Of course, I’m worried about how a market-oriented society will always reinforce social ills, since it is in everyone’s interest to maintain status quo. Like successful advertising doesn’t really question anything outside the immediate product/category – you can only sell one idea at a time, if that. And I do believe that a free market will cater to humanity’s baser instincts, and lead to a land where, like where I live now, people working in a corporate HQ of a large company can proscribe pantyhose for female employees and yet plan lunch meetings at Hooters. Simply because in a free market, the LCD wins.

But still, like a democracy, this is a messy system but the only fair, humane, equitable and free choice way of existing.

And then Obama comes along, the Darling of the dumber variety of faux-Libertians, and tells us that the government should invest more money, in large companies that are failing because of bad management, but should not invest in individual human welfare for the employees, clients, and suppliers of these very same companies.

(A) The people suffering foreclosures are the victims of the larger companies, sometimes also the perpetrators, but also the victims. The people in large companies who will directly benefit from the cash infusion are the people who are held responsible for the balance sheets and P&Ls, i.e. the CEOs – not the middle or lower management. Instead of, as government should, focusing on helping the victims of a crime, Barack Obama wants to reward the perpetrators.

(B) Human beings are driven by self-interest. They will work harder to benefit their own situation than to benefit the situation of a company which they are only a part of. The government can therefore expect lower risk and lower default rates on money lent to individuals who’re on the edge of losing their homes, than on money ‘lent’ to large companies.

There’s more, but I have a meeting to attend now.

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