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Me, moi – II

From The Blog Readability Test:

Some posts analyzed:

Apparently this post about M S Subbulakshmi and this one about stereotypes and Sarah Plain are 57% and 58% like Edgar Allen Poe: “In many ways this text resembles to those of Edgar Allen Poe . Thanks! It was a pleasure for me to read!” This one’s 46% like Mark Twain, and so are a couple others. And this one’s like Lewis Carrol, a couple others are like Plato, Frank Baum, and other sundry (!) great authors.

Notice a pattern?

All men. I don’t doubt that my writing style is very ‘male’, whatever that means (see previous post), but that there’re only male authors on my list shows that there’re very few female authors on thier database in the first place. C’mon, people. Come ON!

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