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This is beyond sick:

Last night I met three friends for dinner at a popular local restaurant.
When I arrived my friends were already there. One was sitting at the
corner of a packed bar while the other two were standing behind her.
Beside them three guys would not release two seats they were saving “for
friends” for at lease 30 minutes. When I arrived, one of my friends eager
to find me a seat, tried to take one of the seats held by the guys, saying she
would be happy to return the seat once his friends arrive. He pulled the
seat back and yelled, “You are just a bunch of C****.” What??? Haven’t we
seen that word emerge during the very recent Presidential Campaign? I was
flabbergasted. I have never in my life heard a woman called the C word.
The women asked the bartender to take charge and ask the guys to give
up one of the seats he as saving. The bartender would not intervene.
His response was a cold, “His friend is parking the car.”
The second of the
four of us was infuriated and went and had a long talk with the manager. I
could not hear what she said, but the manager sheepishly asked one of the guys
for a stool. No, again. Frustrated the women who had spoken to the manager,
poured a glass of water on the head of the most aggressive of the guys. He
turned around, grabbed her my the hair with his left had, pulled her down, and
dragged her across the restaurant floor while punching her in the face with his
right hand. Three patrons pulled him off.
As I watched, it all
seemed so surreal. I had enough of my wits about me call the police as
soon as the fight started. As we waited for the police to arrive,
the three guys took off angry and triumphant. I followed them for a couple
of blocks hoping they would slip in to one of the many restaurants around the
corner, which they did not.
When the police came we stepped outside to
explain what happened. When the woman who was assaulted told the police
they called us a C****, he said, “That’s a part of a horse.” When she
showed him her broken glasses and bruised face, he said, “You started the
fight.” Something is not right here, a woman’s been pummeled in the face and you
tell me it’s her fault. Disgusted, we left, found another restaurant and
had dinner.
This morning I called a lawyer who is an expert in these
matters. After reviewing the facts her response was calling a woman a
C**** is not a hate crime, throwing water on someone is considered an assault,
and you’re lucky the guys left or your friend who was pummeled would have been
What’s my take the morning after? I have never witnessed such
hostility from relatively sober men in an upscale restaurant. I
understand my friend’s frustration at not being able to get the manager, the
bartender, or anyone to defend her after we were called C****. We are a
group of women, too old to trade on our sexuality, and too young to garner the
deference given a senior citizen. We also didn’t understand our
place. We had the audacity to repeatedly ask for a chair hogged by
men. Did my friend cross the line by pouring a drink on someone’s
head? Of course. Did she deserve to be dragged by the hair and
pummeled in the face? Of course not. The intensity of his response was
I think we cannot dismiss the election’s place
in all this. The world watched as Hillary Clinton and Sara Palin were
eviscerated by the main stream media. Calling women C**** was
tolerated. Demeaning and disrespecting women was deemed OK. A young
potent male was victorious over an older women. It was a symbolic victory
on many deep psychological levels. I am afraid last night was just the
beginning and that there will be more crimes against women. Times have
changed and not for the better. I can smell it in the air.

Kudos to Dr. Long for carrying on the good fight. Me, I’m beyond tired at being the only one who cares about women’s rights. I’m tired at the stupid, stupid women who say they “looooooooooove Obama” and refuse to listen to facts against the idiot.

Hatred helps logic, love destroys it. And that’s why they have laws and rules against falling in love with your boss or you employee – there’s zero objectivity.

Please, as a public service, do NOT fall in love with your politician. Pick a singer, and actor, a model or your next door neighbor for your fantasies. Please?

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