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Bad marketing.

Chandrayaan 1 enters lunar orbit (link to sciam)

On a related note, why does ISRO still, in 2008, suck so badly at the simple stuff? I looked and looked yesterday for a Google gadget that would stream Chandrayaan’s pictures. Nothing. Then I looked for just some pictures that the Chandrayaan had taken (as part of my wean-self-off-politics effort). Nothing on ISRO’s site, except some images of the earth – the same ones I’d seen earlier. Today I’m looking for a blog that describes what Chandrayaan’s doing everyday – nothing major, just a couple of sentences saying all’s fine with my favorite lunar orbiter (I sound, like, so maternal, don’t I?). Nothing. I looked for somewhere I could just feed ISRO’s pressreleases. Nothing.

This is basic marketing, is it not? Just build and sustain interest in something that is so naturally interesting. Sheesh. Imagine what a fantastic chance this is to encourage generations of smart Indians into science, who now work incredibly hard to get into IITs, get a world class education and then end up writing fucking code. It’s more than bad marketing – this is destroying a nation’s future.

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