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Hit him back twice.

Now that I’m converting every day to a much more militant form of feminism, a ‘take no prisoners’ style, this really hit a chord (via the Amitabh Bachchan blog):

Al-Azhar backs women’s rights to defend themselves

Monday, 27 October 2008

Two scholars and one renowned Islamic thinker believe wives can beat back
their husbands in self defense.

Head of the Cairo-based al-Azhar University’s committee for fatwas or
religious rulings has approved a woman’s right to fight back if her husband
uses violence against her, according to press reports on Monday.“A wife has
the legitimate right to hit her husband in order to defend herself,” Sheikh
Abdel Hamid al-Atrash was quoted as saying by Egyptian independent daily
al-Masry al-Youm.“Everyone has the right to defend themselves, whether they
are a man or a woman… because all human beings are equal before God,” he
added.Al-Azhar is Sunni Islam’s highest authority. The declaration by Atrash
comes after similar rulings by religious leaders in Saudi Arabia and

“The wife can use force in self defense to counter her husband’s violence,”
Saudi scholar Abdel-Mohsen Al-Abyakan told IslamOnline.net.“If the husband
hits her she can hit him back and if he tries to kill her she can kill him
in self defense if this is the only way to save her life.”Abyakan stressed
that a woman must use all other means to defend herself before resorting to
counter-violence.“(She can) talk, scream, seek help from neighbors or call
the police or those able to defend her.”

On Sunday, prominent Turkish Muslim preacher and writer Fethullah Gulen even
ruled that a woman should return the violence with interest.“She should give
back two blows for each one received,” the paper quoted him as saying.

Turkey’s influential Fethullah Gülen has suggested that women should learn
martial arts to defend themselves against domestic violence.“I wish women
would take karate, taekwondo or judo courses,” Gülen told the Zaman
daily.“If he hits once, she should hit him twice.”Gülen said Prophet
Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) and his companions never beat
their wives.“It is a violent act to beat one’s wife,” he said, advising
victims of domestic violence to seek divorce.“Those women, if they don’t
have kids, should get divorce.”

In June, American Foreign Policy magazine unveiled its list of the world’s
Top 20 Public Intellectuals, with Gülen coming in the first place.


I especially like Gülen’s statement “If he hits once, she should hit him twice” – that shows the a personalization of passion about misogyny that I’ve not heard from a non-female person in a long time – apart from P, of course.

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