Stupid, stupid, stupid.

To everyone who thinks he (yes, it’s mostly ‘he’) can confidently trash Gov Sarah Palin because he’s seen her interviews and she’s so God-awfully stupid in them, I’d say we’re judging her as we did Admiral Stockton – stupidly. Palin’s so good with large crowds and in person, interviews with hostile journalists are probably not her strength. And she’s committing the greatest crime of our age – she’s being bad on television!

Governing and speaking require different skill sets (DUH!). Strength in one does not imply strength in another (Double DUH!). Pretty much the same confusion we saw with Barack Obama, just because you like his speeches – no reason to think he’s the Greatest EVAH. See his stupidity and his lies and how he’s done NOTHING positive in is entire life.

The irony – women are supposed to be better communicators. So much for stupid stereotypes.

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