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Physical assault

Read this if you want your stomach badly turned and your day f***ed up. And Echidne, the Goddess, started it here.

I need to cheer myself up now, so the one ‘good story that comes to mind is this:
The Archies store owner in Jwalahedi market who’d employed a young kid to keep an eye on his customers and prevent them from stealing stuff. When one of these kids followed me around (I was 13 or 14; he was probably a year or so older) in the dinky store and tried to touch me as I was bending to pick up greeting cards, I straightened up and went up to the owner’s , checked out my purchases and told him hesitantly ‘the boy who’s working here – he’s not very good’, all the time being stared at by the same ‘boy’ who obviously knew what I was upto.
The owner’s face darkened and he reassured me that he would take care of this. I never saw the kid again.

Of course, even in the ‘good story’ there are other implications. I was a regular customer there, so I had money on my side. The kid was under-aged as well. I had education on my side. So I could seek redressal.
But despite all my privileges, I wouldn’t’ve had to seek redressal in the first place if I was a man.

Fourteen years later, my blood is still boiling.

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