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It feels a little bizarre when your dire predictions come so true. When I was worried in Q1 2009 about a repeat of the Great Depression soon, I knew I was right, but boy, I’m so right, and how! When P and I spoke about this and he laughed, it was Q4 2007 (or Q1 2008?) and I was even more worried.

I’d expected this crisis to exacerbate the food deficit even more, and I still think that’s possible. Milk prices, grain prices, lentils are at an all time high. That’s ALL we eat! We need to buy a farm, stat.

Energy prices now seem to be dipping, with lower consumption, but it’s a great time to invest in some sustainable energy sources – windmills, etc. – even here in the US, and definitely elsewhere as well. As soon as the economy starts back up in about three years, we’ll see it heralded with higher energy prices.

I’m guessing now is a great time to get into the porn industry.

Paper towels are kinda b-a-d to work on right now. Sustainability concerns, tightening home budgets and loads of time make people turn to using and reusing rags.

Suppliers of fascist literature, God, military and self-defense should do well too.

I’ve been trying, for a while, to figure out which companies did really well in the early 1930’s.
Agree that the 1870’s depression (see Scott Reynolds at http://www.itulip.com/forums/showthread.php?p=52465#post52465)
is probably a better model to look to – but I don’t know what learnings are transferable there.

Any clues?


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