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Who judges beauty?

Flipped-out arrogant or just unconventional:

[Sanjay] Gadhvi says girls find Imran drop dead
gorgeous, but he doesn’t think so.”Lots of girls and people would often look at Imran and say ‘he is
drop dead good looking’, ‘he’s so cute’, ‘oh my god!’ But I never felt that way.
Drop dead good looking is Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.”

Apart from the crazy grammar with multiple voices and the rejection of girls as people (“Lots of girls and people”) this is a little disconcerting at some levels. Gadhvi’s supposed to be a straight man, to the best of my knowledge. And he feels free to reject the opinion of these ‘lots of girls’ and ‘people’, so is he just unbelievably arrogantly certain about his opinions, or is he valid in his assumption that he, as a straight man, has as much of a right to judge male beauty as anyone else?

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