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How girls react to an awareness of discrimination

This makes me want to shed tears of blood:

Children Aware Of White Male Monopoly On White House
During 2006, more than a year before Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
entered the presidential race, the researchers interviewed 205 children between
the ages of five and 10 about their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about the
similarities among U.S. presidents.
girls who attributed the lack of female presidents to discrimination were more likely to report they could not become president. In contrast,
African-American children who identified discrimination as the reason for the
lack of diversity showed an increased interest in becoming
“Perhaps the increased interest in becoming president is a result
of the long and well-known history of African-Amercans’ struggle to achieve
equality in the United States,” said Bigler. “Young girls are not as aware of
the women’s rights movements and are less likely to be knowledgeable about women’s struggles to achieve political power
“If Obama loses his bid for the presidency, there may be little change in
children’s attitudes, but it could fuel their perception that American voters
are racially prejudiced,” Bigler said. “In contrast, if Obama wins children may
believe that exclusionary laws and racial prejudice no longer shape the outcomes
of the presidential elections.”

[Emphasis mine].

And the loss of Hillary Clinton has in fact discouraged many would-be contenders. All the more reason why Sarah Palin must win now.

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