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The Confluence

More blog wars. And this time, it’s my current favorite blog, the Confluence.

When Anglachel flamed the Confluence sans reason I understood and supported the latter, but I was hoping for civilized discussion and debate about the argument the former made. Instead, the commenters started massive personal attacks on Anglachel and how she had her head in the clouds.

Mandos was (is) a dick, he’s a guy who wants to talk about systemic racism and white privilege and how you can be racist even if you’re not (see: http://www.correntewire.com/sister_souljah_the_cadillac_welfare_queen_and_the_fears_of_white_people).
But apparently he goes around to feminist blogs and screams WhatAboutTheMenzzz.
And he berates the Confluence for racist coding by using a ‘joke’ picture of “Conflucians Say”.

Now, Brad Myes, a filmmaker, has been saying some pretty interesting things and raising interesting questions – e.g. about how Sarah was just a good TV presence in the debate and didn’t actually say anything substantive. I agree. I thought she relied too much on regurgitating talking points, and was pretty good for a first-time debater, and definitely did well, but there were OH SO MANY times she could’ve reacted and spoken to Biden – actually debated him – and not past him. She lost too many chances, e.g. when Biden made his great Bridge to Nowhere point, or talked about McCain’s healthcare, or some stupid stuff about Hamas/Hezbollah and Iran vs. Lebanon – she lost too many chances to compellingly argue and expose Biden for the fools he and his Master are. But anyway – Brad only wanted to make that point and he was badly, terribly flamed.

And on Saturday he wanted to make people think about why Obama was liked by so many people, and that was in reaction to the Christian Science Monitor post. People jumped on him stupidly and said ‘oh, there’s nothing about Obama that can be liked’ etc. etc. Well, we know how well that attitude worked for us earlier. We do need to get into their heads in order to break the hypnosis – bostonboomer should’ve known better. After all, when she put up the uber scary post about Army brigades deployed to the United States, everyone’s reaction was about how this is all O-fucking-bama’s fault, now go to sleep.

Ugh. I have no where to go, and the Confluence is getting stupid. Their ratings and traffic are going down, too. It’s too bad, since there’re so many smart people, excellent bloggers there who could’ve together changed the world.

Sigh. Whattodo?

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