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So much news!

  1. Sydney! Yup, this year’s been a lot of travel – almost everything initiated by P. Freaky. We’re simply not equals anymore in the realm of power and perks. Wonder if this could be the biggest reason behind my snipi-ness and perennial restlessness. Who knows?
  2. I think my body clock has a 26-hour day. That’s why I don’t stay jet lagged for too long, and take barely a day to adjust to any new place, even one with a 15 hour time difference like Australia vs. EST. But when I stay home, my cycle’s out of whack every few weeks.
  3. I HATE long flights! What is it with my inability to sleep? And my HAIR, my HAIR, it suffers so to redeem the rest of me.
  4. This is bizarre: was just I sexually harassed on board a flight AKL-SYD, in the business class cabin? An old man, drunk beyond his wits, travelling with a female companion, sitting across the aisle from me, threw his used blanket in my lap, waking me as I slept. Then as I woke up in a daze, bewildered by the stuff on my body, staring at him and at space, and accounting for a blanket on P and my unopened one at my feet, the old man reaches across and snatches the blanket from my lap, and stuffs it between his legs, and stares straight ahead. Of all the inexplicable things to happen to a human being.
  5. I’m done travelling. There’s no mystery, no wonder, no excitement in my life anymore. It happened with the second London trip, the one in 2006, and then Paris was so terrible and boring in 2007 (PARIS, PARIS, for chrissakes. Sheesh!). Even Peru was a bit silly, even though that was so much better. Now Sydney. I can only think of Amalfi as being explosively good, and that’s because we didn’t plan on doing anything, and the food was so sumptuous. Am I done with vacations? Is this a new phase of discovery or merely the end of my curiosity?

I dont much like modern Australia. It’s way too wannabe-England, too colonial-conscious. I’m desperate for some Aboriginal (Indegenous?) art, history etc. and can’t find much. It’s a one-note city, much like Atlanta, and I’m already tired of it. Is there a way to find local flavor? Is there any local flavor?

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