Spiritual spanking



And I’m dying to, but can’t send this link to P, because that’ll just mean that I want him to spank me.

“She has even brought you information that talks about corporal punishment; however, I will not broach that subject here. So what is she REALLY saying? What is she really asking for? What does she really want from you?…..Here are some examples: your wife doesn’t exercise, then you add thirty minutes to her routine and do it with her, she doesn’t eat right, says she doesn’t have time, you help her make a menu, a meal plan, she sticks to it, or she writes you a thousand word essay on the dangers of unhealthy eating; she gets a speeding ticket, then she doesn’t drive for a set amount of time, she goes over on the checking account she looses access and lives on what you give her, she becomes disrespectful or argumentative she can go sit alone in a quiet room, and think about it, and have an answer for why when you decide she has had ample time to think about it, she endangers her life, the life of the children, the security of your home, becomes irrational, a screaming monster, abusive, or absolutely out of control, or when other consequences just don’t seem to be making the point, then it may be time to consider that corporal punishment she brought up.”

And I just remembered what my little sister was told all those years ago, so very often by everyone: “elder siblings can & will boss you around, and you have to listen, ‘coz you’re younger. But in return for ceding control, you get so much more love. From everyone. And those elder siblings will love you even more!”
I knew that was creepy, and I wouldn’t’ve traded places with her for anything. Even though, of course, my lovely kid sister would have none of this and did exactly what she wanted to, always.

I’m SO proud of her today. Blub.

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