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I’m proud today

I’m so, so proud today to be an Indian, and that I once wanted to be part of the Indian media.

First, the vote of confidence – not just because the ‘right’ side won over the communalists and the communists (or the Opportunists and the Stupids), but for my desi politicians.

The Indian Prime Minister, his speech, which, though undelivered, was vividly written. I could literally hear him say it as I read it: succint, strong, substance-heavy even at an emotional time – a million times better than Obama’s “best ever” speeches. Laloo Yadav: populist, ludicrously playing to the gallery, but incisive. Even Omar Abdullah, with his tears near spilling from his eyes, saying what I’ve felt every day for the last four years: “my conscience cannot forgive me for having not acted against the BJP for their horrendous Gujarat actions”. Each one of them, better than the best politicians in the United States – all spare two – Bill and Hillary Clinton.

And no Tweety with chills running down his leg, or idiots who want to physically intimidate women who run for power – the news media was level-headed, fact-based, and made me proud with whatever little analysis they did do. I may yet join them, and I’m grateful they haven’t made it a cess pool like the dweebs here have. So Second, the news media.

Third, for things like this. I forget everyday, and am reminded every day, of how rich our world is, and how that is so evident in my part of the world, where diversity and individuality may not be as constantly celebrated as they are here, but are often just a matter of fact, an essential part of existence. India as a country is VERY large indeed, and so is the rest of the world. I do hope the US can sometime catch up.

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