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Why Roe vs Wade is not in danger with four years of McCain

Interesting comment at Confluence:

William, on May 11th, 2008 at 7:51 pm Said:

Obama if elected could not change the makeup of the court away from its conservative bent. I don’t expect any of the five conservative justices to leave in the next twelve years. It is true that it would be better to have a non-conservative justice to replace Stevens, who is the most likely to leave in the next four years. But that argument always militates in favor of a Democrat. However, what if Obama wins, gets one appointment (for Stevens), and picks a reasonable moderate; but is an insipid and unpopular president, and loses to a real right-winger next time, and the latter gets an extreme conservative to replace Ginsburg? How are we better off?

And as for Roe, I realize I’m not a woman; but I do not think that Roe would be overturned, even if the court went 6-3 conservative. I don’t think there is any stomach for it; or that Roberts (who said it was settled law), would push for it. In any event, after decades of Republicans running the country (except for Clinton’s eight years), I think it’s pretty silly for Obama to think that he’s going to win back disaffected women by threatening them with loss of abortion rights. And as said above, a Democratic majority in the Senate could pretty well stop an anti-abortion justice from being appointed. Nonetheless, expect Obama to use some of the hundreds of millions of dollars which he is getting from somewhere, to push this scare tactic.

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