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How Barry embellishes his resume


…as the months passed, I felt the idea of becoming an organizer slipping
away from me. The company promoted me to the position of financial writer. I
had my own office, my own secretary; money in the bank. Sometimes, coming
out of an interview with Japanese financiers or German bond traders, I would
catch my reflection in the elevator doors—see myself in a suit and tie, a
briefcase in my hand—and for a split second I would imagine myself as a
captain of industry, barking out orders, closing the deal, before I
remembered who it was that I had told myself I wanted to be and felt pangs
of guilt for my lack of resolve.

If Barack was promoted, his new job responsibilities were more of the same –
rewriting other people’s copy. As far as I know, he always had a small
office, and the idea that he had a secretary is laughable. Only the company
president had a secretary. Barack never left the office, never wore a tie,
and had neither reason nor opportunity to interview Japanese financiers or
German bond traders.

Then one day, as I sat down at my computer to write an article on
interest-rate swaps, something unexpected happened. Auma called. I had never
met this half sister; we had written only intermittently. …[several pages on
his suffering half-sister] …a few months after Auma called, I turned in my
resignation at the consulting firm and began looking in earnest for an
organizing job.

What Barack means here is that he got copy from a correspondent who didn’t understand interest rate swaps, and he was trying to make sense out of it.

via Larry Johnson: http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/05/11/some-questions-obama-refuses-to-answer/#more-2475

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