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I’m literally in severe depression now.

For a few months now (I discovered TM, riverdaughter, Anglachel, and others in late March, I think) I’ve gone there to find balm for my soul. I found similar thinking primates. I felt like the first guys who must’ve gone from Europe to the New World and discovered human beings there (oh, wait, they eventually decimated them. Bad analogy). I found the kind of friendship, platform and exchange one can only get when you spend time in the trenches with someone. Even if my side lost the war, those guys kept me upbeat, hopeful and engaged with the whole process so far – as I made calls, travelled to Texas, blogged, commented – I had someone to share my experience with, to go through through it all together (not counting P in all of this because he’s no longer someone I share my life experiences with – we’re literally two people with one soul at times, so yes, we do share everything, but it’s not ‘sharing’ if it is with yourself, is it? And if yes, why am I writing here again? Oh well, we’ll go on).

Now, I need to – corny as it sounds – not lose faith. Not give up hope. And not give in to sweet nothings yet from the ‘Bots. I will be cognizant of my history with Barry O-blah-blah. With his history with me. Of the history of Feminism. I will remember that ANGER is followed by BARGAINING, DEPRESSION and then ACCEPTANCE. And I will pull myself back from that healing process, and keep myself angry. Hungry. Motivated.
I will now tell myself everyday, I WILL NOT FORGET.

And meanwhile, I will fight tooth and nail. I will NOT go gently into the night. I will show that supporters of Hillary are still alive, relevant, critical. And as always, the only way to get out of the sure depression that’ll set in (as it is already) – is action. The 16,642,328 people who voted for Hillary can, if we wish, shake up the foundations of this nation.

Let’s DO something. Something BIG, dramatic, non-violent but assertive, and during a short period of time (so it looks like a spike and not like a gradual shift – or people will try explaining it away as due to other reasons). Suggestions?

(a) re-registering party affiliations – every one of us, within a space of two weeks.
(b) switching off all the big news networks – MSNBC, CNN, etc en masse for a day to see how their ratings suddenly dip.
(c) wearing black bands around our wrists to declare the demise of the Democratic party – one week post Memorial Day
(d) a Gandhi-like mass fast – skip dinner for a day (looks like some of us anyway need to start doing that, with the economy so bad and no Hillary to help clean it up)

More suggestions?

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