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Change HOW.

This is long overdue, but it’s never too late for a sanity check.

The following is a spiel best given in person, but seatbelts on, and here goes my principle, fundamental argument against Barry O-blah-blah:

Change can be brought about in any organization via three ways (any/all): processes, people or policies
(A) On processes, Barry has not said he will change the electoral structure or the constitutional structure. He has not suggested modifying any of the underlying processes by which bills become laws, or suggested new ways of implementation or tracking/regulation
(B) On people, his WHOLE entire team is former Bill Clinton aides or former Reagan advisors. There’s more ‘different’ people on Clinton’s campaign. He has the support of all the big democratic dynasties, just not the one he’s been fighting against – the Clintons. He has the support of the Caseys, remarkably bigoted democrats who stand against abortion rights, and of course Ted Kennedy – the most entrenched democratic ‘elder’ ever. And he has tried to paint Hillary as ‘no change’ – which is ridiculous
( C ) And finally, policy: on EVERY policy, his stand is either identical to Hillary’s or substantially inferior in composition. e.g. on healthcare – he went off into this compromise mode on healthcare. I don’t get it. I get McCain’s position, and the Republicans’, they say healthcare should be privatized because the free market encourages innovation and will drive down costs like it does for most goods & services people buy. Spontaneous order and all that. Okay with me.
Hillary Clinton has an even better position, which is basically that healthcare is a ‘right’, not a good/service, and so the government must ensure it for everyone that cannot pay for it – like it ensures education for children and water for everyone and food stamps/welfare, etc. I get that, too. And I actually agree that universal healthcare is what will drive down insurance costs because of scale economies. And of course, I know tons of people who will not buy insurance even if it is dirt cheap, for, say, a persistent cough. And then they’ll walk into emergency care two months later when that cough gets terrible, and realize it was tuberculosis all this while, and they’ve just infected 1600 people over eight weeks with a life-threatening disease.
I DO NOT get Obama’s position on healthcare. Why should the government provide insurance as an option? Why is the government getting into the healthcare business at all if it is not a RIGHT, not universal healthcare? And if it is a right, then it needs to be for all, because one person’s ’emergency’ is another person’s flu.

Another example is of NASA: Obama came out saying he doesn’t support NASA and wants to de-fund the 2020 mission. And he lost me there. Space sciences are a huge, and underused, under funded opportunity. After 8 years of disgusting politics played on science, I was hoping a Democrat would be different and bold. And his reasoning was stupid, too – he said that NASA is no longer ‘a source of inspiration’. First, are you kidding me – you choose which science projects to fund based on how much press you’ll get?? Not based on what the need is? Wow, then you should simply put all your science funding onto predicting who’ll win the SuperBowl. Second, the job of the President is to lead, and to create a vision and set direction. Do that, and that will inspire people about anything. Don’t sit on your hands and say ‘oh, that is important but not inspiring and so we won’t fund it’.

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