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Honor Killing in the United States?

In response to this piece of shit, I wrote the following:

—– Original Message —–
From: ——–
To: sprabhu@charter.net
Cc: letters@tennessean.com ; editor@tennessean.com
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2008 11:50 AM
Subject: Honor Killing in the
United States

I read your article today and I’m holding my nose while
writing to you. How, in which country, in which world, on which planet is it
O.K. that a newspaper refers to a sitting US Senator as a “tick” to be pulled
away with a tweezer”? Shame on you Saritha Prabhu, and shame on you The
Tenessean. Why should Hillary Clinton quit – i.e., apart from the discomfort
she’s causing you by winning, by raising money, by being the only presidential
candidate to actually have a mandate to improve this country and policies that
are sensible, humane and thought-out? What on earth is the logic
for asking her to even consider quitting, forget this huge compelling call to
action where the ‘elders must pull her away’? From what? For what?
This is
exactly the kind of logic that people give before an honor killing: ‘die, die,
die quickly so we may save our family pride; die quickly so your father can hold
his head high again; kill her quickly, burn her before our neighbours see
her as our weakness’. Before a fresh widow was burnt to death in a practice
known as Sati a hundred years ago in the East, her extended family &
community would sit with her for a few hours in an enclosed room, drug her
and beat their breasts and wail out lodly, recounting anecdotes from the girls’
life where she had done something wrong, maybe overcooked a meal, where she had
eaten more food in a meal than her brother or her husband, where her
sister-in-laws had brought in more dowry than she had, where she had not been
properly submissive to a man. The purpose, of course, of those few hours, was to
make the woman feel so horribly useless, so unutterably guilty, to break her
spirit so badly – that then, she would walk herself to the pyre where her
husband burnt.
No, don’t open your mouth in horror at ‘Third World practices
in the 19th Century’. What Saritha Prabhu’s done today, what The Tennesean has
contributed to today, is merely one more voice in that community wailing, the
precursor to Hillary Clinton’s honor killing.

Shame on you
Saritha Prabhu, and shame on you The Tenessean.

and I got this :-):

Hillary RR to me
11:09 pm (1 minute ago)


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